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Pitches & Proven Strategies

Thursday 28th of September
Reodor Studios, Torggata 11

How do you leverage the building blocks of a corporate while maintaining the speed of a startup – from idea to IPO?

Join the leading players in the Norwegian corporate venture building ecosystem for this exclusive seminar at Reodor Studios. Tap into the valuable insight and perspectives of corporate CEOs, venture capital investors, proven entrepreneurs, corporate startup founders, and – last but not least – one of Norway’s most successful musicians of all time.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn and gain inspiration for your own ventures!


From News Media to New Ventures – a Blueprint for Venture Building

Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO of Schibsted

The Investor and Founder perspective on Corporate Ventures

Anne Worsøe (Ultimovacs, Antler, Alliance) and Erlend Prestgard (CEO of Working Group Two), interviewed by Lucas Weldeghebriel (Shifter)

Fireside chat: Digging into the Minds of Two Outliers

Lasse Andresen (founder of ForgeRock) and a surprise guest, moderated by Hallgeir Knutsen (co-founder of Reodor Studios)

The Foundations of Corporate Venture Building

Nassir Achour (CEO of Reodor Studios)

7x7 – Seven Minute Pitches from Seven Corporate Ventures

Morgenlevering (Schibsted), Applied Autonomy (Kongsberg Innovasjon), Fleks (Bertel O. Steen), Amoi (Posten), På(fyll) (Orkla Home & Personal Care), Volte (Eviny/Hafslund) and Fabel (Aschehoug & Gyldendal)


Picture of Kristin Skogen Lund

Kristin Skogen Lund

Kristin is the CEO of Schibsted, and has been a leading profile in the Norwegian corporate space for tens of years. She has led players such as Aftenposten, NHO and Telenor. At Schibsted, Kristin runs one of the most active venture builders in the industry, being behind spin-off success stories like Finn.no, HeltHjem, Elton, and Morgenlevering.

Lasse Andresen

Lasse Andresen is a perpetual entrepreneur, transforming ideas into thriving, disruptive businesses. He co-founded ForgeRock, achieving a $2.8B IPO in 2021, and is currently building two startups simultaneously that aim to revolutionize web 3.0 identity. Lasse champions innovation and mentors startups, is a keyboard enthusiast and cyclist, and has a hybrid base between Stavanger and San Francisco.

Erlend Prestgard

CEO and co-founder of Working Group Two, has held key roles at Telenor Group, Aspiro, McKinsey & UBS. Erlend took Working Group Two from a five person corporate startup spinning out of Telenor, to a global mobile platform serving Europe, U.S., and Japan with 90 employees, and a 150m USD Cisco acquisition.

Anne H. Worsøe

Anne is a prominent figure in the Norwegian startup eco-system, with 20+ years within corporate, venture capital, startup and governmental roles. She was the first CEO of the Norwegian VC Association, launched Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley with Innovation Norway, and has held prominent roles with players such as Statkraft, DNB and Alliance Venture, as well as corporate startup Kron.

Nassir Achour

Nassir Achour is CEO and co-founder of Reodor Studios, a leading corporate venture and innovation studio in Norway. With 15+ years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, he has worked on self-founded startups and corporate innovation projects with top-tier companies such as Aker, DNV, Entra, Fortum, Møller Mobility Group and Posten.

Håkon Hansteen Liland

Håkon has been leading Morgenlevering as CEO for three years. As an experienced leader with a background in management and consulting, digitalisation, logistics, and retail, he brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Håkon's focus on business development and seizing opportunities has been instrumental in driving growth and success.

Ketil Wold

Ketil Wold transitioned from a professional ice hockey career to building a shopping center chain and later evolving to a COO for Steen & Strøm AS. Now, as Director of Strategy at Properate, he champions energy-efficient smart buildings aligned with clients’ ESG strategies.

Stine Ombustvedt

CMO at Fabel, former Head of Marketing Norway with Orkla Home & Personal care. Fabel, a spinout from the first audiobook provider in Norway, Lydbokforlaget, is a Norwegian streaming service for audiobooks, and is today owned by Ascheoug and Gyldendal.

Rayson Ho

Rayson currently runs På(fyll), a refill service that delivers everyday home goods in containers you can use again and again. Prior to this, Rayson was a management consultant for ten years with sustainability consultancy Xynteo, built a startup with Antler and most recently served as Transformation Director with Aker Solutions.

Jimmy Rhodin

CEO of Amoi and former Venture and Portfolio Manager in Bring Sverige. AMOI is a digital marketplace that showcases the best of products and services from stores with expertise and passion for what they do.

Olav Madland

Olav Madland is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Applied Autonomy. Applied Autonomy was established in 2017 by Kongsberg Innovation together with Olav Madland to create a world-leading environment for autonomous transportation. Olav Madland has been a central driving force for Norway being ranked number 3 in the world in being prepared for self-driving vehicles by KPMG's report AVRI (autonomous vehicle readiness index) 2020.

Simen Armond

Simen has been the CEO of Eviny/Hafslund-owned Volte since the beginning in 2019. Here he draws on experience from fintech-startups and bank/insurance consultancy combined with a passion for sustainable and scalable business innovation. Volte delivers the next generation B2B EnergyHub where the flow and analysis of data is core and fully transparent provision of electricity a secondary commodity.

Aschehoug og Gyldendal
Applied Autonomy
Kongsberg Digital
Bertel O. Steen
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